Mountain Brook Lawn Services

One of the best things you can offer your home is hiring professional landscaping. Mountain Brook, AL, has dozens of plant species which can become overwhelming very quickly. Even a yard with nothing but grass and flowers can benefit from trained experts. When you hire us, it means choosing the best landscaping Mountain Brook has to offer.

Naylor’s Lawn Care represents over 40 years of combined lawn care experience. Whatever your yard needs from us, we guarantee the best results possible.

From winter preparation to spring cleanups, we handle it all at low costs. See why homeowners prefer our local landscapers for all of their plants and curb appeal.

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Mountain Brook Lawn Services

The Best Landscaping Mountain Brook, AL

Anyone can push around a grass mower, but your yard needs more than that. Without a full range of professional landscaping services, your plants don’t get enough care. They may seem hearty, but it doesn’t take much to threaten your landscaping. Pests, temperature changes, diseases, and other hazards put them at risk daily. Whether your yard needs minor improvements or complete redesigns, hire our contractors. We offer reliable landscaping services at affordable pricing to keep your property at its best.

Our team offers everything that your plants need to continue looking healthier. Contact us now for the best landscaping services around, such as:

Relax, we've got it from here.

Grass Mowing Mountain Brook

Cutting grass seems simple, but there is a lot to keep up with. You may not realize that you need to maintain your mower to prevent unnecessary hazards. Dull blades bruise and rip grass instead of cutting them cleanly.  Give your turf the best care possible and hire our landscapers today.

Sod Installation Mountain Brook, AL

Not only is it challenging to find fresh sod, but someone to install it as well. Eventually, it feels as though your lawn is going to stay yellow forever. Hire us for affordable new sod installation wherever you need it most. Keep your lawn greener than before with our experienced local landscapers.

Leaf Removal Near Me

You keep raking the leaves, but you feel like you don’t make any progress. Unfortunately, there are just too many for you to handle without help. We offer several professional methods for leaf removal to keep your lawn cleaner. Stop struggling with consumer-grade tools and leave your yard work to the professionals.

Mulching Service in Mountain Brook

Landscape mulching is an organic way to both feed and defend your plants. These products protect the roots underneath while keeping the stalk safer. Pests, cold weather, and heavy rain have a difficult time damaging your plants with mulching around them. Give your outdoor areas the care that they deserve, and hire us now.

Yard Fungus Control in Mountain Brook

Your yard faces a variety of hazards daily and yard fungus is one of the most dangerous. They can quickly take over your entire lawn, turning it brown and yellow. Store-bought treatments alone aren’t enough to keep your grass free from spores. Hire us now to defend your plants from harmful fungal growths.

Designing a Greener and Healthier Lawn

Lawn Aeration

If there is one service that most yards need, it’s lawn aeration services. Without this, your grass grows tangled together with roots lacking oxygen. Over time, your soil becomes compacted, restricting the flow of air. Make sure your grass, flowers, and plants can breathe better, and hire us today.

Weed Control Service

Sometimes, it seems like no matter how often you spray them, the weeds always win. Some products are also too weak to work, while others kill every plant they touch. When you need a better way to maintain your lawn, you can call on us. Hire our landscapers for professional weed control throughout the city.

The Best Landscaping Mountain Brook, AL, Near Me

When you decide to hire someone for yard care, you expect the best. Our contractors offer a wide range of affordable solutions ideal for any yard.
garden design services
garden design services

When you choose to hire a landscaper, you want the best one available. Otherwise, how do you know that your plants receive everything that they need? We provide experienced contractors armed with professional equipment to keep any yard healthier. Wherever you have wilted plants and brown grass, you can count on us.

We guarantee the best landscaping professionals that are conveniently close to your plants. Contact us now for the best yard care for your home in:

  • English Village
  • Abington Green
  • Crestline Heights
  • Asbury Park
  • Alabama Veterans Memorial Park
  • Market Square Shopping Center
  • The Old Mill
  • Irondale Furnace Trail
  • Cahaba River Walk Park
  • The Country Club of Birmingham
  • And the surrounding areas

See why local area homeowners prefer our landscapers for all of their outdoor service needs. We provide the best solutions possible every day for any lawn and plant.

Garden Design Near Me

When it’s time to renovate your lawn, it helps to start with a specific design. Otherwise, it becomes too easy to add too many items or to go over budget. Hiring us means never having to fret over the end results again. See the difference professional designs can make in creating your perfect garden.

The Best Mountain Brook Lawn Services

We know how tricky it is to locate a landscaping service that you can trust. That is why we do our best to offer the solutions you need at affordable pricing. Does it feel as though there are items missing from your lawn? It could mean that it’s time that a yard addition is installed. Some are permanent fixtures, while others are specific services that better define your lawn.  Some yards need hard surfaces and materials to look and feel balanced. Lawns with only plants feel too soft and natural, leaving them incomplete. Whether you need to have stepping stones, rock walls, and other items installed, hire us. We manage a variety of hardscaping items that can transform your lawn.

From scheduled care and upkeep to one-time projects, hire our contractors. You won’t find better landscaping professionals than Naylor’s Lawn Care. Contact us now to learn about all of our yard addition options.