Lawn Fungus Control Services in Vestavia, Alabama

One item you might find that you keep struggling with is your lawn fungus control. The conditions are all too perfect here in Vestavia, AL, for many different species to thrive.

This means that your grass ends up suffering the most. The pesky turf nuisances don’t need long to destroy your lawn, leaving it dead.
Naylor’s Lawn Care offers professional fungus control solutions to protect your grass the best. We guarantee better results faster than any bottled products sold in stores.

We use specialized formula blends that target specific species, so we can eliminate them quickly. Keep your lawn from looking splotchy, and contact our yard care experts today.

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Why Lawn Fungus Control is Essential in Vestavia, AL

There are many different species of lawn fungus and they have a lot of the same preferences. In Vestavia, we unfortunately have ideal growing conditions for a variety of fungal species.

These growths love mild temperatures running from 60˚-80˚F, like our nightly and daily weather. They also enjoy moist soils and our above-average rainfall throughout the area that’s about 113 days.

Factor in poor landscaping habits and the wrong products and things become an uphill battle. Thankfully, we offer many solutions and commercial-grade equipment to provide superior lawn fungus control.

When your grass becomes brown, patchy, and otherwise unhealthy, contact us right away. Time isn’t on your side when you find dangerous fungal growths.

How Does Fungus Control Work?

There are a variety of fungus and smaller organisms in the soil, and some are pretty harmful. Therefore, proper lawn fungus control targets only the problem areas for safer applications.

Which pathogen of turf disease you have decides which chemical solution we will apply. Using the incorrect type of fungicide is what leads to many homeowners making their situation worse.

These chemicals target the spores of the organism, preventing them from spreading. Once the fungus has stopped, we can then treat the area with a pre-emergent. 

Our experienced lawn care experts will also offer helpful tips to prevent other growths from happening. Treat your grass diseases and keep them gone for good by hiring our contractors now.

Why Hire Us for Your Lawn Fungus Control Needs?

Many fungi that live in your yard are surprisingly beneficial for your grass. However, other types use your turf for nutrition and to spread further.

Many homeowners panic and they treat the area incorrectly with two primary mistakes. Not only do they rely on cheap generic formulas, but they cut their lawns too short.

Instead, we quickly identify what type of growth your grass has. After choosing the appropriate chemicals, we treat the lawn safely to promote regrowth. You may only have one chance to rescue your grass following a fungal attack. Make sure you choose the best method possible and hire us now.

The Best Vestavia, AL, Yard Services Near Me

The Best Fungus Control Service Near Me in Vestavia, AL

Getting rid of your yard’s dangerous spores permanently is often trickier than it looks.

Hire the landscaping experts at Naylor’s Lawn Care today for professional lawn fungus control.

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What are The Different Types of Lawn Fungus?

You don’t have to struggle with your lawn alone. Choose Naylor’s Lawn Care today.

One of the most challenging parts of treating your fungal growths is identifying them. There are so many different types of yard fungi and their symptoms can look similar.

Choosing the wrong type of product to treat it can also worsen the spread. That is why hiring us for professional lawn fungus control is the best solution.

Our contractors identify, treat, and prevent a wide range of lawn funguses. Contact us to control them all in your yard, such as:

  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Seasonal Dead Spots
  • Zoysia Grass Patch
  • Pythium Blight
  • Fairy Ring Mushrooms
  • Anthracnose
  • Red Thread
  • Pink Patch
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Take-All Patch
  • And other yard fungal growths

No matter what is taking over your lawn, we’re here to help. Contact us now for superior lawn fungus control when you need it the most.