Homewood, Alabama Lawn Services

The ideal way to manage your yard is by hiring a local service provider. When it comes to lawn care, Homewood, AL Lawn Services provides homeowners with convenient and affordable contractors.

At Naylor’s Lawn Care, we offer the best landscaping services around. With more than 40 years of contractor experience, your lawn will look better than ever.

No matter how brown your grass might be now, we know how to restore it. Choose our landscapers for scheduled lawn care or yard cleanups and renovations.

Whatever your outdoor areas need most, you can rely on us every time. Contact us today to schedule our landscaping experts for superior lawn care services.

garden design services

The Best Homewood, AL, Yard Services Near Me

What Lawn Care Services do we Provide?

Whether you have a lush lawn or brown grass, we know how to improve it. We handle both weekly upkeep and specialized landscaping, so we’re always your best choice. Our experienced contractors transform your outdoor areas with a variety of design options.

Sometimes, the things missing from your yard aren’t plants but hard surfaces. Concrete, brick, wood, and other items can balance natural landscaping as well. You can also use hardscaping to create gardens, patios, or outdoor living rooms. The possibilities feel endless when you hire the best lawn care providers. From entertaining needs to private garden areas, call us for them all.

Whatever it takes to keep your grass looking great, you can rely on us. Choose the best service for lawn care that Homewood residents turn to most. No matter your lifestyle or how you enjoy the outdoors, choose our talented landscapers.

We offer a wide range of affordable lawn care solutions, such as:

Relax, we've got it from here.

Grass Mowing Homewood, AL

Even if you have a lawnmower, who can find the time to use it? When you’re only able to mow your grass on Sundays, it isn’t enough. Instead, you can call on us for professional grass cutting whenever it fits into your schedule. Contact us now to manage your lawn with our affordable contractors.

Sod Installation Service Near Me

Once your grass turns brown or yellow, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it starts taking away from your home’s curb appeal. We offer professional sod installation with several distinctive grass species that are guaranteed to thrive. Make sure your new lawn takes root with our expert landscapers.

Leaf Removal and Lawn Aeration

It seems like everywhere you look, there are fallen leaves piling up. Not only does it leave your lawn looking scraggly, but it also attracts pests. No matter how blanketed your yard might be, we can help keep your outdoor areas cleaner. Contact us to manage your leaves when they become overwhelming.

You’ve tried every fertilizer product under the sun and still don’t have greener grass. Chances are that your lawn isn’t getting enough oxygen to the roots. Aerating your lawn removes small plugs of dirt that helps to promote better soil airflow. The results are a lusher, greener yard that continues growing at its best.

Yard Mulching Service Homewood, AL

One of the most direct ways to improve your plants is with proper landscape mulching. When you have access to fresh wood chips, flowerbeds receive nutrition and root protection. Many products sold in stores have sat on the shelves for months. Give your lawn better defense and nourishment with professional mulching service.

Yard Fungus Control Near Me

While your plants remain exposed to the elements, there is one threat greater than the rest; yard fungus. This growth can quickly spread through your lawn, devastating your grass. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to keep these spores gone for good, but we can help. Hire us for scheduled fungus control for your outdoor areas.

What Lawn Design Services are Best?

Most homeowners wish that they had a more attractive outdoor area. However, most don’t know the first thing about improving their curb appeal. Instead, you can rely on our talented garden designers to maximize any yard area. See the difference we make for your property and hire us today.

The reason why some yards look stunning and others uninspired is because of their additions. A few minor improvements and maintenance items can drastically change your lawn’s appearance.

We offer a wide range of practical yard additions that will leave it looking professionally serviced. From lawn edging to stepping stones, garden walls, and planters, choose us for them all.

garden design services
garden design services

The Best Lawn Care Homewood, AL, Near Me

When you decide to hire someone for yard care, you expect the best. Our contractors offer a wide range of affordable solutions ideal for any yard.

When searching for local lawn care services, it helps to find someone nearby. You can’t waste hours every week on your landscapers having a long commute.

Instead, you can call on us for fast and convenient contractors for every visit. No matter the reason for your call, we guarantee reliable landscapers every day.

We offer a wide range of affordable solutions with experienced local professionals every week. Contact us now for the best lawn care Homewood, AL, residents count on most in:

  • Homewood Central Park
  • Green Springs Center
  • Huntington Park
  • Gilcrest Shopping Center
  • Patriot Park
  • Red Mountain Plaza
  • Windsor Highlands
  • Samford University
  • Wildwood North Shopping Center
  • Wildwood Preserve
  • And the immediate areas

Wherever you have dead grass, overgrown plants, and other landscaping needs, we’ll be there. Hire us now for your outdoor maintenance needs all year long.

Why Hire Us for Lawn Care Homewood, AL, Services?

When discussing your plants, few things are as dangerous as an inexperienced landscaper. Not only do they offer fewer options, but they likely don’t have the proper techniques. As a result, it’s your grass, flowers, and hedges that suffer from harmful trimming practices. Add in harsh chemical treatments and dull blades, and your plants can really suffer.

Our landscapers have over 40 years of combined experience in managing any type of lawn. We work with many different plants, so we guarantee the best results on every visit. We go beyond basic lawn care services to keep your outdoor areas growing lusher.

Whatever it takes to improve your yard, you can rely on Naylor’s Lawn Care.