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When you need “yard services near me,” you need us at Naylor’s Lawn Care. We maintain lawns throughout the greater Vestavia, AL, community every day.

Relax, we've got it from here.

Yard Services Near Me in Vestavia

Living in Vestavia, AL means enjoying all four seasons and their weather. However, it takes reliable yard services “near me” to keep plants healthy through it all.

At Naylor’s Lawn Care, our team has over 40 years of combined landscaping experience. From scheduled care and maintenance to in-depth lawn projects, we can complete them all.

Our landscapers know that it takes more than just mowing your lawn to keep your yard looking great. That is why we offer everything your grass, hedges, and flowers need for lasting manicured appearances.

Even if you currently don’t have a yard, we can design one for you. Contact us for complete yard services near Vestavia, AL, and beyond.


Lawn Mowing Vestavia

Every week, your lawn mower feels heavier than the time before. Once the blade dulls, it takes twice as long as slug it through the yard.

We make short work of even your tallest grass and weeds. Contact us today to keep your yard mowing needs a breeze every week.


Sod Installation Service

Few things feel as disheartening as seeing a batch of fresh sod fail. Unfortunately, not everyone knows best practices when installing a new yard.

We have years of experience in creating and maintaining outdoor spaces. Make sure your lawn takes root and choose us for sod installation service.


Lawn Edging Service

What really makes a lawn pop is professional edging around concrete surfaces. It not only looks great, but prevents invasive grass from taking over. Edging your grass can also add value to your property without much effort. Separate your yard from the rest of the neighborhood with our lawn edging experts.


Hedge Trimming Vestavia, AL

Hedges and shrubs offer a lot of privacy, as well as shade. However, when left ignored, they can quickly become overgrown and will start taking over your exterior areas. The best way to keep them straight, narrow, and clean is with weekly trimming. Maintain your privacy hedges with our affordable service contractors today.


Pine Straw and Mulching Blowing

Although it can be a bit of a nuisance, pine straw is ideal for mulching. It covers a wide range of lawn, and it offers several benefits to plants. On the other hand, not everyone prefers them, but we can still assist you. Our lawn care contractors can also provide affordable wood mulching services.


Vestavia, AL, Landscaping Companies Near Me

Your living room or bathroom isn’t the only area you should renovate on your property. Surprisingly, some landscape projects add more value to homes than some other upgrades. Whether you need new plants installed or you want to expand your lawn, choose us. Our contractors know how to complete any job you need at lower costs.


Hardscaping Installation Service

One item that often goes missing from people’s yards is hardscaping surfaces. These are great for texture and contrast. Outdoor areas that only have plants can soon seem wild and overgrown. Instead, retention walls, garden walls, benches, and other items add a lot of style and functionality. Find your top deals and maximize your budget by choosing us for hardscaping.


Garden Design Service Vestavia

Sure, every homeowner wants a gorgeous yard, but not everyone knows where to start. When you find yourself staring at an empty lawn, call us for garden design services. Our experienced landscapers know what items work best while offering you the best value. If you aren’t sure how to begin creating your yard, leave the design part to us.


Vestavia Leaf Cleanup Service

Some days, your lawn has more fallen leaves than others. Whether there was severe weather or it’s the autumn season, you can count on us. Our skilled landscapers quickly eliminate all of your dead leaves with ease. Stop spending hours with a rake and yard bags, and choose us for leaf cleanups.

The Best Vestavia, AL, Yard Services Near Me

We Use Plants to Bring Life

Our community is lovely, but it takes weekly maintenance to keep it that way. That is why our contractors continue to deliver the best results possible on every visit.
Call us when you need us to keep up with weeds or install new plants. We offer landscaping, hardscaping, upkeep, and other affordable solutions whenever you need us most.
When you can’t find the time or the motivation, we make lawn care simple. Contact us at Naylor’s Lawn Care today and schedule us for experienced yard service contractors.

yard services near me
yard services near me

The Best Landscaping Near Me Vestavia, AL

When you decide to hire someone for yard care, you expect the best. Our contractors offer a wide range of affordable solutions ideal for any yard.

From weekly lawn mowing to outdoor additions, you can rely on us. Our expert team of lawn care professionals always know what to do.

You can depend on us for convenient local contractors and low service costs. Contact us today and request a complimentary estimate for solutions, such as:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Sod Installation
  • Lawn Edging
  • Hedge Trimming
    Mulching Service
  • Landscape Projects
  • Hardscaping
  • Installation
  • Garden Design
  • Leaf Cleanups

No matter how large or overgrown your yard might be, we can help. Hire our contractors for your home to take care of any plants you may have.

This Is Why

You Should Hire Lawn Care Contractors for Your Home

Certified Experts

Without professional landscaping, lawns are left to their homeowner's level of intuition and skill. They could over water or under water the grass, trim too often, or leave it malnourished.

Quality Services

Hiring us to tend to your plants keeps them lush and healthy all year long. Since we frequent your yard, we know when something goes wrong or doesn’t look right.

Affordable Pricing

You can trust that our prices are competitive and affordable. Keeping your yard cared for shouldn't break the break the bank.

40 Years of Experience in Landscaping

Our experienced contractors know how to adjust sprinklers and services to the needs of your plants. No matter what type of grass, flowers, or hedges you have, we can care for them the best.
Professional landscaping equipment always gets the job done, even in poor weather conditions. Keep your lawns looking their best week after week with our yard care experts.

Why Choose Us For

Yard Services in Vestavia, AL

yard services near me

When you decide to call a yard service contractor, they need to have experience. Otherwise, your lawn becomes their guinea pig for every new tool they want to try.

We always arrive fully prepared to tackle any landscaping needs. From overgrown bushes and shrubs to wild weeds taking over, we can manage every concern.

Even on the same street, two separate yards may need completely different things. Unless you choose our professionals, your yard might not get the proper care.

You can call on us for convenient contractors and affordable pricing every day. Contact us now to request your free service quote for all of our lawn care solutions.

Best Vestavia, AL, Landscapers Near Me

While the greater Vestavia, AL, area isn’t too tiny, it can make some tasks challenging. Locating landscapers nearby can seem impossible, but we are here for you.

Our local contractors maintain yards throughout the community every day. Whether you need us for your home or your commercial outdoor areas, contact us today.

You can spot us mowing, edging, and trimming throughout Vestavia Hills. Contact us for affordable lawn care services throughout the city, including:

  • Cahaba Heights
  • Ashbury Park
  • Liberty Park
  • Watkins Glen
  • Abington Green
  • Arbor Crossing
  • Camelot Woods
  • Westbrook Trace
  • Byrd Park
  • And the surrounding areas

You don’t have to search for lawn care when you have us.

Call our team today to request the best contractors for your outdoor areas.

yard services near me
yard services near me